Q. What payment methods can I use to pay?

A. All Credit or Debit Cards (Visa / Mastercard / Maestro / Amex), GiroPay, iDeal, Bancontact, EPS and IBAN, all of which are processed by Stripe / 



Q. If I select "Standard Shipping" as my delivery method will I get sent a tracking code to follow the delivery online?

A. No. Standard Shipping is sent through the regular mail, like you would send a letter or simple parcel. It is not trackable. If you wish it to be trackable then you should select the "Tracked Shipping" option.  

Q. If I select "Tracked Shipping" will it arrive quicker than normal shipping?
A. It generally takes a couple of days less to arrive.  


Q. If I've provided you with a delivery address that's missing information (ie Business name / House number / Apartment details) can I notify you afterwards to change it to the correct address so it can be delivered?

A. Yes, up to the point we dispatch the goods. After that we cannot make any changes. In the event that goods cannot be delivered and are returned to us, you will have to cover the cost of resending them a 2nd time, plus a return fee (EU - €3.62 / Non-EU €5.00) as levied by our mail company.


Q. I provided you with a delivery address with incorrect address information and the package is now being returned to you. Can I get a refund?

A. Yes. You will receive a refund of the total price paid, less the delivery fee and the return admin charge as levied by our mail company. The refund will be processed only once it has been returned to our return mail centre in Holland, or our office in Spain.

Q. I've given you an old address by mistake, can you change it to my new address?

A. Due to Seller Protection rules and Fraud check processes, it's not possible to change the address in this way. The order has to be cancelled, refunded and placed again with the correct address. We are unable to make any exceptions to this. If the package has already shipped by the time you notify us, you will have to make your own arrangements to retrieve the package from the address you provided to us in error.   



Q. I'm located outside Europe so will my package be subject to import duties by my local Customs Service and if so, who pays for them?

A. It's possible that your package may incur import duties depending on the size of the order and your country's import regulations. In the event that you are levied with a charge these are the requirement of the customer to settle as the importer of the goods, not the seller. You should check before making a purchase with us if you will be liable for any on arrival.

Q. The tracking is showing my item hasn't moved since it arrived in my country a number of days ago. Does this mean it's lost?

A. No it will be queued for clearance by your local customs service. The exact length of time it takes to clear varies greatly depending on the workload in the specific clearance centre it's being held at. This clearance can take anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks in some instances (Brazil, Canada, Thailand). 

Q. My package is taking a long time to clear customs, can you not just resend me another package?

A. No as the next package will likely be held up too in the same backlog.

Q. Why do you say delivery will take a couple of weeks when you know there are delays with certain countries?

A. We do not know the "live" state of customs clearance backlogs at every single clearance facility in every single country we send to. These can change regularly and a clearance into one country can be quick at one facility in one part of the country, while another area may have a backlog. 

Q. I'm in Canada and I've bought from overseas sellers for years, why is my order from you taking so long this time to clear customs?

A. Earlier in 2017 the Canadian Customs service changed the type of items it screens for importation compliance to include small, relatively low value items. This, due to the sheer volume of items to be screened, has lead to clearance backlogs. Some orders, depending on the specific centre they are being cleared through, have not been subject to any excessive delays in clearance whilst others have been taking a number of weeks to clear. 


Q. Do you offer a free returns and re-shipment service?

A. We do not offer free exchanges. We welcome the return of goods to us in order to swap them over although the cost will be covered in both directions by the customer.

Q. Why did I get a free shipping promotion on the initial order but not on the exchange?

A. The cost of shipping the initial order is included in the price. That does not include the cost of any exchange. 

Q. How do I return something that doesn't fit?
A. Sent us an email and we will send you a returns sheet.  
Q. How much will I be charged postage to return of something that doesn't fit me?

A. It cost of the exchange is equal to the price of a shipping for a single item to your country. For example, the price to ship 1 item to the UK is €6.95 - then the return shipping cost will be €6.95 - regardless of how big the order is that you wish to exchange.

Q. How long have I got to return something after I receive it?
A. For size exchanges or cancellations you must contact us within 7 days of receipt. From when you receive the returns sheet you must post it back within 7 days. It is very important that you return goods by a method that requires a signature on delivery. The goods remain your responsibility until we receive them back.


Q. A shirt I received has developed a fault. Can I exchange it?

A. Depending on how long ago you purchased it and the type of fault it may be possible. More information about correct garment care is available here. Exchanges due to faults will be strictly on a like-for-like basis only, so we will only exchange for the same design to the exact same shirt size and colour. We will not accept back a faulty item, for example, of a size Large and exchange it for a Medium, nor under any circumstance will we allow it to be swapped for a different design. Please don't willfully damage something in order to try for a swap over to something else after having it a few months - we're very wise to that one guys.


Q. What's the big deal about your shirts being screenprinted?

A. There are many people selling home printed t-shirts online these days. They typically use transfers, decals and vinyl stickers. None of these methods will last very long before the print disintegrates. Our printing on the otherhand will last for many years by following the care instructions on the tab.

Q. Can you change the colour of the design on the t-shirt, for example instead of white can you print it in yellow?
A. We screen print all our shirts which limits our ability to change the print colour once we've decided it to be, for example, white print. The process of stripping the white ink from a silk screen stencil, then drying it for use, then repeating the entire process in reverse back to the original colour takes us up to 48 hours in total. Given the substantial amount of work involved it's not possible to change the printed colour from the one shown. 
Q. Can you print the logo on the back instead of the back?
A. Yes we can although we will not accept these items for size exchanges

Q. Can I send you my own shirt and have one of your designs printed on it?
A. Different garments need to be test-printed and test-washed before we can be sure the print is good to last. Therefore we are unable to do this for garments we are not used to using.
Q. I don't understand your sizes - how do I order the right size?

A. We have measurements for each size available on our Size Info page here.
Q. Do you have a shop that I can visit or can I collect my order in person from your office?

A. We have neither. Any orders placed with us will be dispatched from our mail centre. 

Q. I've bought shirts on the internet before which shrunk first time I washed them. Will your shirts do the same?
A. We use pre-shrunk organic cotton products which do not shrink under normal washing conditions. More information about correct garment care is available here.

Q. How long will it take for my item to arrive?
A. Please go to the Delivery Info page here for details. 

Q. The question I have isn't listed. How do I get in touch with you?