Standard Shipping

Our regular method of shipping is by standard international / letter airmail, sometimes called Small Packet mail in certain countries. As it suggests it travels through the regular mail system, it's not delivered by courier. 

All items are hand-printed to order and you should allow 1-2 working days production turnaround before they ship from our office here in Spain. These are the typical delivery times you can expect from when they are dispatched. Being an estimate, you should use them as a guide rather than a guarantee:

Spain (Peninsula)                                           1 – 2  Working Days

Spain (Baleares / Canarias)                           5 – 7  Working Days

United Kingdom                                             4 – 8  Working Days

Europe (ex-Italy)                                             5 – 8  Working Days

Italy                                                                7 – 14 Working Days

Asia                                                                8 – 14 Working Days

North America                                               10 – 14 Working Days

Australia / New Zealand                                10 – 14 Working Days

Registered Shipping

Upgraded shipping through Registered Mail / EMS typically takes 2 - 3 days quicker.


Courier Shipping

Delivery in 1 - 5 days Worldwide - For courier shipping pricing through FedEx / UPS / DHL / TNT / DPD contact us before ordering - please note the starting price for this service is around £18-20.



This is what you get - and don't get - with standard shipping:

Your Standard flat rate shipping is a great deal, but it still gets me a tracker like FedEx, right?

- Standard shipping means it's posted through the regular mail service, like a letter, it's not a courier service like FedEx so it's not trackable. 

...But I want to be able to track my delivery, Can I upgrade?

- No problem, we offer tracked / registered shipping through EMS - select the option for the £4.50 upgrade on checkout.

...And I absolutely must have my order here by yesterday...

- Even quicker, courier services are available on request.

- We don't list these prices as we need to know the weight of the package and how quick you need it to arrive first. 

Your estimated delivery time means I'll get my order by exactly that date, right?

- This method is not time guaranteed, it's an estimate. If you need something by a specific date such as for a gift, for an event or if you're going away and that date is not comfortably inside our estimate then you are strongly advised to select a time-guaranteed shipping method such as our On-Request FedEx service.

- While our estimated delivery times are pretty accurate and based on our 11 years experience sending this stuff out worldwide by this method, it's not 100% guaranteed they arrive in the estimated timeframe.

- If it doesn't then it's because it's subject to many factors after it leaves us as to exactly when it arrives. These factors may negatively impact on your delivery time after it has shipped from our offices:

  • Weather delays caused by adverse conditions along the delivery routing

  • Customs processing (where applicable)

  • Local holidays in areas it ships through

  • Increased volume in the mail system around busy times such as Christmas

  • Industrial action along the delivery routing

  • Incorrect / incomplete delivery details supplied to us at checkout 

- Around holiday times it can add a bit extra on depending on where you are because they tend to get the day off like everybody else. So for example, order over Xmas and New Year, you'll typically need to add an extra day on for each day the mail service is closed.

I need something by a specific date, should I take the chance with standard shipping?

- If you need something by a specific date for any reason, you're better to contact us before placing the order to work out the cost to upgrade to a faster, time-guaranteed, service.

- We offer a time guaranteed shipping service so if you must receive something by a certain date then you can have that assurance. 


- We do this for people all the time, so don't be shy asking.

I'm feeling lucky, I'll just tell you in the PayPal comments section I need it sooner than your estimate. You'll switch it to a quicker method for me, won't you?

- If you make an order and pay for regular shipping - then message saying you need it in 2-3 days etc - it'll still ship as normal regardless.


- If you need it sooner you need to pay for a courier upgrade.

I ordered from another online retailer the same day as you and that order already arrived, why hasn't yours?


- Lots of different reasons, most likely they're geographically closer to you, or they could send it by a faster method from where they are based.  


- It's not really worth trying to compare us with another seller unless they're also based in Spain and they ship by the same method.

Hey! My order is 24 hours late to arrive - you're in breach of contract - you're getting sued!

- Come on, be fair here. If the actual length of time it takes to be delivered is slightly longer than the estimated time stated on the website, we have not breached any contract.


- Please don't go bitching straight to PayPal if it's a day longer than the estimate, stay calm, you ordered from a company in another country and you paid for a non time guaranteed shipping method. Check the address you gave in the first place and see if that was correct, if it was, your order won't be far off.

My order is a day or so late, it was a present for somebody so I want a full refund.


- We will not refund just because it's arrived a little later than what we're at great pains to stress is just an estimate. Give us a break here.


- It was a birthday / Xmas gift or you needed it because you were going away on a certain date? We're sorry to hear that it didn't arrive by then but we do offer 2 faster shipping methods than the one you paid for. You were welcome to take us up on either of those.

Can you tell the courier to call me 1 hour before they arrive so I can be in to collect it?

- If you mean you paid for standard shipping then they don't have any means to do that. I'll be delivered by your regular mail guy like your regular letters are delivered.


- If you upgrade to courier we can specify your telephone number on the shipping details but you'll need to track the order yourself to see the day it is out for delivery, then call them to check approximately when it'll be with you.